What Are the Benefits of Laying a Synthetic Grass Lawn in Your Home?

Looking to establish a lawn in your yard but don't know which type of grass to use? Natural grass is the traditional choice of grass for lawn establishment in residential areas. If properly maintained, it adds a rich green colour to your outdoor living space while providing a nice, soft surface for you to lay on.

With that said, natural grass lawns typically require a high level of maintenance to keep looking great throughout the year. This makes them an unattractive option for busy homeowners who want to maintain their lawns using the least effort possible. However, synthetic grass lawns are made of synthetic materials, resulting in an array of benefits that cannot be achieved with natural grass. Continue reading to learn about the various advantages of installing artificial grass lawns.

No watering needed

One of the biggest advantages of artificial grass lawns is that they don't require rain or irrigation to grow or flourish. This makes them a great choice for people living in water-scarce regions of Australia.

No harmful chemicals required

Like other plants, natural grasses require soils rich in nutrients to grow healthy. Unfortunately, not all soils are created equal. If your soil lacks sufficient amounts of nitrogen, you'll have to use fertilisers high in nitrogen to increase its fertility, thus allowing for thick, green growth.

Using synthetic grass for lawn establishment eliminates the need to rely on fertilisers to create a healthy lawn.

Laying an artificial grass lawn also means the harmful chemicals found in some fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides won't be used in caring for your residential lawn. Plus, carbon emissions from the use of diesel or petrol-powered lawn mowing equipment will be reduced. This is hugely beneficial for the environment.

Look great all year round

Artificial grass lawns maintain their appearance and beauty, no matter what the season it is. You won't have to worry about your grass dying or growing too tall. All you have to do to keep your lawn looking beautiful throughout the year is to clean it occasionally.

The upfront cost of laying a synthetic grass lawn is generally higher than the amount required to establish a natural grass lawn. However, the benefits of a synthetic grass lawn often outweigh the costs, as indicated above. Feel free to talk to a lawn installation company if you need more information to make a well-informed decision about artificial grass lawns.

For more information about different types of lawn, contact a local supplier.

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