4 Things You Need to Build a Wooden Deck for Your Beloved Home

Did you know that a deck is one of the best ways of increasing the living space in your home? Essentially, a deck is a flat surface similar to an ordinary floor and capable of standing up to the weights items and people standing over it. The ideal way of setting up a deck is to ensure that it is slightly raised from the ground and directly connected to a building and its entrances. So what building supplies do you need to buy when building a wooden deck for your home? Here is your list of supplies:

Treated Timber

Since you are building your deck outdoors, you must keep in mind that it will be exposed to elements of destruction. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, rain and dust will wear down ordinary wood and weaken the structure in no time. To add on that, pests are also armed with strong jaws and they will chew down your deck within months. Go for pressure treated wood when building a wooden deck. Such wood has been subjected to a treatment process involving fresh timber being put in an enclosed cylinder, then applying pressure and vacuum conditions to shove chemical preservatives into the inner layers of the wood. You can also coat the treated timber with paint or suitable oil to protect it further.


Rebar is an abbreviation of reinforcing bar.  Rebar is a mesh of high-density steel wires or bars used as a tensioning device in masonry structures. You will need rebar for your home's deck to offer structural support and ensure that it is strong enough to stand up to the weight of the elements above it. Rebar also supports the weight of the wood and ensures that the deck doesn't tumble down onto its foundation.


This is something you are likely to forego, but your house really needs it. The flashing refers to a thin sheet of impervious material used in construction to regulate, direct or prevent the flow of water from one section to another. Water might accumulate on the deck during heavy rain and find its way to your house. You need the flashing to prevent damage to your house in the future.

Measurement Tools

Everything must be measured accurately if you want a deck that will stand the taste of time. A tape measure alone will not get the job the done. You need a plumb bob and carpenter's level to ensure proper levelling of the wood panels. Moreover, a carpenter's square is also needed to fix the corners appropriately.

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