Tips For Maintaining Your Floating Dock

Floating docks, also called a jetties, is often needed on your property if you live near a lake or a river. It helps you get from your property to the boat sitting on the water. Whether you have a prefabricated floating dock or had it custom-built, you need to make sure you keep it cleaned and well-maintained so that it lasts a long time. Here are some tips to accomplish that.

Keep the Dock Clean

For starters, you want to clean your floating dock periodically. It is not only exposed to UV rays, but water and various other outdoor elements. Cleaning it isn't necessary on a daily or even weekly basis, but when it is starting to look a little dingy, it isn't a bad idea to clean it. First remove any dead bugs, sticks, rocks, or other physical debris you find and dispose of it. Next, you can use a heavy-duty push broom to get rid of loose dirt and dust. Finally, you need to wash it. Just water is usually enough, which is often best done with a pressure washer. If you have a hose with a pressure nozzle, that might work as well. For heavy stains or fungus, you can use mild soap, but it is often not required. Just make sure it isn't slippery when you're done cleaning it.

Check the Dock Components

Inspecting the floating dock on a regular basis is also a good idea to ensure that it is still in good condition and safe to walk on. You can do this by doing a quick inspection of the different components keeping it together. This includes the wood or aluminum planks of the dock itself, handrails, bolts, fasteners, and hardware. If it has a ladder or stairs to get down to the boat, go ahead and check the condition of those as well. Replace anything that looks worn, old, or corroded.

Have Your Wood Dock Sealed

If you have a floating dock that is made of wood, it is at risk for rot and water damage. You need to have it sealed routinely by a professional, or you might be able to seal it yourself. This needs to be done periodically as the sealant provides a protective layer over the top. This keeps it from experiencing damage from direct sunlight, water splashing, and major rain or snowstorms. Make sure the sealant is environmentally-friendly so it doesn't make the fish or nearby wildlife sick.

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