Five Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are great labor-saving appliances, but hand washing dishes may seem a better option if your dishwasher keeps on failing or you have to incur huge energy bills every month. However, with some tips on how to increase your dishwasher's efficiency and keep energy consumption in check, you can be able to use this appliance without worrying about paying more for it.

Here is a list of five ways in which you can increase your dishwasher's efficiency and save time, money, and energy all at once.

Prep dishes before loading

Scrape off leftover food before loading the dishwasher. Dishes with large food particles, especially those that have been left over for a long time, will require a lot of water. Scrape the food into your trash bin instead of rinsing dishes over the sink. You will save a lot of water in the process while still getting your dishes squeaky clean.

Load the dishwasher correctly

Loading the dishwasher in the wrong way can hinder its performance and result in not-so-clean dishes. Don't place dishes on top of each other, as they won't get clean. Large trays and pans should go in the back for efficient loading. Also, angle all the dishes properly so that the dirty side is exposed to the water spray.

Work with a full load

Always wash a full load rather than a partial load. Remember, the amount of energy used when running the dishwasher on a partial load is the same for a full one. Always wait to have a full load before you can use the dishwasher. That said, ensure you do not overload either. You can overwhelm the appliance and reduce its efficiency.

Air dry your dishes

One great way of saving on energy consumption is letting your dishes air dry. Though it may take your utensils longer to dry, you will cut down on energy used to heat the dishwasher to dry the dishes. Also, some dishes have delicate material that can easily get damaged by excessive heat. To air dry your dishes, you can turn off the heat-dry setting on the washer or switch the appliance off immediately after the dishes are cleaned.

Upgrade your dishwasher

Buying a new dishwasher may seem like an expensive option, but it can save you money. There are newer, energy-saving models that use less water and detergent and are effective at cleaning. You can trade your current one and buy one of those modern dishwashers, and you will notice the reduction in energy consumption immediately. You can contact a local appliance retailer for more information about the benefits of a new dishwasher installation

Finally, maintaining your dishwasher is essential for efficiency. Regularly check the filter and replace it if necessary. Also, ensure no food particles are stuck in the spray hole for proper water supply.

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