Roof Timber: What You Need to Know About Pitches

People who are building their first home may find it confusing when they hear about roof pitches. This article discusses what you need to know about roof pitches. Use this information to make informed decisions as you buy roof timber for that house that you plan to build.

What Roof Pitch Is

Roof pitch refers to the angle or slope of that roof. Roof pitch is usually expressed as a ratio, such as 4:12. Such a ratio describes the rise of the roof as its horizontal dimensions increase. In the example above, the steepness of your roof would increase by four inches for every twelve inches that it covers horizontally. A better way to visualise roof pitch is to look at your roof as a 90-degree angle. The flat horizontal base represents the run of a flat roof, while the vertical rise represents the total rise of the roof. The angled side shows the overall slope of the roof. That overall slope is the pitch.

Implications of Roof Pitch

A steep roof pitch requires more roof timber to build the support frame of the roof. This can cause the cost of materials to be higher than the cost of materials needed to build a roof with a less-steep pitch. The timber-roofing professional may also need more sophisticated equipment, such as extra fall arresters, in order to be safe while installing that steep timber roof. That specialised equipment may increase the installation cost of your timber roof. However, you should not be discouraged from choosing a steep timber roof pitch. Several advantages accrue from having a steep pitch. First, gravitational forces will remove snow and water quickly if the roof pitch is steep. This can protect your roof timber from the risks of caving due to the excessive weight of accumulated ice and water on the roof. Secondly, your home may be more eye-catching because the steep pitched roof will attract the attention of viewers.

Which is the Best Pitch?

There is no standard for determining what the right pitch for a roof should be. However, you can express what you prefer so that the designer of your house comes up with an appropriate pitch to bring your wishes to life. For instance, he or she may design your home so that it has two different pitches. Such a design can make your home more visually appealing when compared to a home with a single pitch for its entire timber roof.

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