Stretching your wedding budget further with unusual options

If you are planning a big wedding on a limited budget it's time to get creative. Here are some ways that you can make use of wedding hire to stretch your dollar further. 

Hire your wedding dress

While it's common for grooms and the men in the wedding party to hire their suits, it's less common for the women in the wedding party to hire their dresses. However hiring your wedding dress and the bridesmaid outfits is a good way to avoid paying thousands of dollars for a dress that you only wear once and that tends to sit in a box for many years. You can also often get more 'bang for your buck' in that you might be able to afford to hire that deisgner dress that you'd been eyeing for less than the cost of an off-the-rack dress. 

Crowdsource your flowers

While hiring flowers is not that easy, another beautiful and low-cost way to build a wedding bouquet is to get your wedding guests bring flowers in from their garden to contribute to some bouquets. What the bouquets may lack in a co-ordinate colour and texture they can often gain in colour and vibrancy. The extra variation with the bouquets is a great way to have a tangible sense of all the ways that the people in your life have contributed to you getting to this wedding day. You'll need to get some quick assistance from bridesmaids to tie them into manageable bouquets before you walk down the aisle, so you don't end up clutching at loose blooms. 

Hire beautiful wedding accessories

Often the beautiful location of your dreams, such as the gardens of a manor house, may be out of a limited budget. However with some strategically placed hired items such as draped wedding arbour, red carpet runner for an aisle and perfect wedding chairs you can make any venue have the same feel as the places that you desire. In fact it's a great idea to bring in the snaps from your dream wedding to a wedding hire store to see how closely they can match your ideal wedding decor. 

The most important thing on your wedding day is not how much you've spent on your items, but the chance to share the love you have for your partner with friends and family. A creative and low-budget wedding can be just as meaningful as a big-budget wedding. 

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