When It Can Be Good To Choose Demolition Rather Than Renovation

Whether it's a commercial building or a residential home that needs work, you may want to consider simply having it demolished rather than renovated. This can be a good option in many different scenarios, and can allow you to quickly rebuild from the ground up. Since demolition is such a large step and not something you might have thought about doing to your home or commercial building, note a few tips to decide when it's a good option for you.

1. When hazardous materials are involved

Trying to remove mold, asbestos, and other such hazardous materials completely from a building can be a challenge, and it's good to consider how something like asbestos can become more dangerous during renovation projects, as vibrations and disruptions to the building materials can cause it to become airborne. Demolishing a building can mean getting rid of all these hazardous items completely as well as the building materials to which they might be clinging, so you know your new building will be perfectly safe for its tenants or residents.

2. Structural issues

When you renovate any type of structure, you need to be concerned about any added weight to the frame and foundation, both of which may need bracing to support that weight. Even adding a few new interior walls or flooring can mean too much weight on the building, and cracks and other damage may form.

Trying to underpin a foundation or brace up a home's frame during renovation can be difficult, as you may need to remove interior walls, outside decks, and other such features to get this work done. When you demolish a home or other structure, you can add a stronger frame or more easily underpin the foundation before you build your new structure, ensuring that it will be strong enough.

3. Tax incentives

Consider if you might get tax incentives, rebates, and the like if you were to add energy-efficient building materials to your home, office, or other structure. It might be easier to do this if you were to demolish your current building and start from the ground up, rather than having to rework the plumbing needed to install low-flow faucets and toilets, install new insulation behind walls, put on a metal roof or solar panels, add new windows, and so on with your old structure. Not only might you receive incentives to use these materials for your new structure, but the cost savings on your utilities can also make a complete demolition and rebuild the better option.

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